Glynde Beddin​gham & Firle Angling Club

Fishing as it should be

Match Round Up


It was a strange one and not without it's problems.

Lots of bream featuring in the early matches which isn't unusual but the roach and rudd were sparse which isn't. For the second season in a row perch vanished from catches aside from the odd two incher.

Then the fishery got bashed with a double whammy - the return of heavy duckweed and a summer that turned out to be an arid scorcher - not good for the garden, the vegetables or the fishing. Even the usually prolific blackberry bushes along the river were suffering and the fishing got steadily worse. At one point we called in the Environment Agency to check oxygen levels which turned out to be on the cusp of disastrous. Regular work parties battled by the week to keep the match length in Glynde Village duckweed free with some success but when August came we were defeated and that month through to early September the venue was well nigh unfishable. Strangely enough during that difficult time were spotted some vast shoals of fish when there were gaps in the weed. They were there but, as they say, not having it. The most important thing is that we didn't suffer any fish kills as some other nearby waters did.